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Take advantage of the FREE seminar series which runs throughout the Expo. Each seminar is facilitated by Automate Training with Q&A segments handled in an innovative format to ensure maximum knowledge sharing for all attendees.

Bookings are essential. Bookings will open in early 2019.

Overcome the Technology Minefield to Make it a Profitable Business Tool

Many workshops are losing valuable time and suffer frustration because of the administrative tasks that must be done, such as recording customer requests, job card entries, parts ordering and tracking, customer invoicing and follow-up, and tax record keeping. Learn how you can reduce this wasted effort and convert this time into profit, with clever use of available technologies.

Hear from Workshop software founder and innovator James Mitchell and Repco GM, Supply Chain & Customer Connectivity Systems , Jamie Walton, who will jointly outline business concepts which enable simple yet highly effective integration of systems, that will not only help the business save time, but will even prepare you for future technologies such as telematics.

11.00am – 12.00pm, Friday 7 April
James Mitchell, Workshop Software
Jamie Walton, Repco
Colin Bockman, Facilitator


Learn How to Select the Most Appropriate Diagnostic Tools for Your Business

Getting the decision wrong on the purchase of advanced diagnostic tools or data providers can be a costly mistake.

Effective selection needs to take into account your businesses customer profiles. Workshops need to be armed with real world relevant information to be able to decipher the offers from the diagnostic tool and system providers. There is no ‘iSelect’ for scan tools, because there are far too many variables to be factored in to the decision making process.

This seminar won’t be selling the features of diagnostic tools, but it will focus on the criteria needed to help you make the ideal choice for the diagnostic platform and tools, for your business.

The expert industry panel will include:

12.30pm – 1.30pm, Friday 7 April
Matt Douglass, Autologic Diagnostics Pty Ltd
Ben Hanson, Mount Auto Equip Services Pty Ltd
Rod Maher, ScanData Creator
Colin Bockman, Facilitator

Matt Douglass, Autologic Diagnostics Pty Ltd, with a European Vehicle Focus


Ben Hanson, G-Scan, with an Asian Vehicle Focus


Rod Maher, ScanData Creator, Workshop Owner


Colin Bockman, Facilitator


Educate the Customer to Value Your Expertise

Aftermarket workshops are feeling the brunt of the OEM-driven campaigns to lengthen vehicle servicing intervals, based on a dubious notion that modern cars, with superior oils can survive longer with less maintenance.

Later generations of Australian motorists have been slowly convinced to neglect their vehicles, leading to resentment when serious repairs, requiring serious money, are needed. It has been left to the aftermarket workshops to educate their current and potential new customers about the real value of regular car maintenance and the skills required by their chosen workshop to keep vehicles running efficiently and safely.

In just 45 minutes, TaT Biz head trainer Geoff Mutton will reveal the key education triggers that workshop operators can introduce at vital points in the customer’s service experience. Geoff will demonstrate the relationship between education and customer satisfaction, applicable to the majority of auto repair businesses. His session will show how easy it can be to integrate the education triggers into a more effective business process, that can result in customers being happy to pay a fair price for your workshop’s expertise.

2.00pm – 2.45pm, Friday 7 April
Geoff Mutton, The Automotive Technician

Embrace the Fault Finding Evolution

Find out how to quickly diagnose a vehicle fault through correct interrogation of the fault report. There are now far better ways to identify codes and re-programming processes. The key is to know where to look and in what order. This session will cover typical scenarios as well as the specifics of turbo vehicles that now represent a growing percentage of the market.

AutoLogic’s Matt Douglas will improve your understanding of correct diagnostic procedures and Garrett’s Rob Stafford will cover the typical turbo faults which are often misdiagnosed. The session will also reveal how to identify key indicators. Insights shared by these presenters will enable workshops to better plan for, and adapt to, the rapid advancements in vehicle electronics.

3.15pm – 4.15pm, Friday 7 April
Matt Douglass, Autologic Diagnostics Pty Ltd
Robert Stafford, Honeywell Turbo Technologies
Colin Bockman, Facilitator

What are your customers thinking? What Influences Their Choice of Repairer?

What effect is the vehicle data sharing issue having? What about extended warranties and ‘capped price servicing’? Are these programs changing customer behaviour? Are they choosing to use the dealership or do they think they have no choice? What can we do about that?

Hear from Australian Automotive Aftermarket Association Government Relations Manager, Lesley Yates to discover exactly what’s going on with extended warranties, capped price service and access to repair and service information. The session will also provide information on what cars are on the road, which vehicles are typically serviced by dealers and which are serviced by independents, and what cars will start coming into your workshop over the next 12 months.

In this session you can ask questions and get real-world answers, find out what to say to customers that think they no longer have a choice – and importantly, plan for the future with confidence.

4.45pm – 5.45pm, Friday 7 April


Lesley Yates, Australian Automotive Aftermarket Association

Lead to Succeed – How to Be a Better Boss in the Modern Auto Repair Industry

There are 5 essential strategies to leading a team in today’s modern workshop environment so that they become more productive and work harmoniously together to achieve your goals and theirs.

In this Seminar discover:
1 How to assess your own management style, and its pro’s and con’s.
2 How to become crystal clear on your vision in order to be able to successfully communicate it to others
3 How to find out what truly motivates your team in order to achieve the goals of the business
4 How to implement a clear human resources process that supports everyone in the team
5 How to have the team be more productive and work cohesively, even when the boss isn’t there!

Hear from Rachael Sheldrick – The Workshop Whisperer, during this informative and motivational session.

10.00am – 10.45am, Saturday 8 April
Rachael Sheldrick, The Workshop Whisperer


Make the Most of The Emerging Diesel Opportunities

Over the past four years there has been a sales explosion of passenger, SUV and light commercial diesel vehicles. These vehicles are now filtering into local workshops and although basic servicing is similar to petrol vehicles, many owners are not fully aware of the nuances of owning a diesel. Workshop owners can get caught in the cross fire over issues with particulate filters and fuel quality and its impact on injectors and pumps. These areas are a common cause of customer anger due to the high costs of repairs. Workshops are often put under pressure to try to explain the need and cost of repair, in an attempt to retain the customer.

Clever customer education strategies can assist in managing customer expectations and increase customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Diesel-Tec specialists Andrew Kollosche and Diesel do at Clinton Brett, will outline the three most frequently asked questions by workshops and how processes can be adopted and the correct resources engaged to resolve tricky repair issues. Automate’s Expert Training Modules and the role knowledge can play in improving a workshop’s confidence, will be explained by Clint Flower.

11.00am – 12.00pm, Saturday 8 April
Andrew Kollosche, Diesel-Tech
Clinton Brett, Diesel Do At
Clint Flower, AutoMate
Colin Bockman, Facilitator

Andrew Kollosche, Owner, Diesel-Tech


Clinton Brett, Founder & Trainer of Diesel Do At


Clint Flower, Technical Training Manager, AutoMate


Colin Bockman, Facilitator


Leverage Digital Media for Retention and Sales

Many people see digital media as a black art. However, once the key principles are understood and you know where to get help, you can start leveraging the many benefits an effective digital strategy can bring to your business. The trick to mastering this rapidly evolving area of marketing is to identify the tools and approach that best suit a small business marketing to customers in its local area.

Dale Brittain from DBC2 and Brett Gorlin from WME Group are down-to-earth digital experts, who understand the marketplace a workshop owner is trying to infiltrate. Learn how to drive traffic to your website, which social media platforms you should focus your attention on and some simple strategies to help get you started online.

12.30pm – 1.30pm, Saturday 8 April
Dale Brittain, DBC2
Brett Gorlin, WMG Group
Colin Bockman, Facilitator

Understand Future Diagnostics and OEM Technologies – Taking Charge

This is possibly the most rapidly evolving trend and growth area within the aftermarket.
Shortfalls in knowledge and understanding of diagnostics and technologies represent the single biggest threat to workshops that are having to cope with restricted data availability.

Without knowledge and understanding, workshops find it difficult to carry out vehicle repair solutions in a timely and cost effective manner.
There is no magic bullet to remedy this situation, but there are steps that can be taken to enable workshops to prepare themselves for the future, and to help them tap into the technical assistance they will need to survive.

TaT trainer Jeff Smit owns and operates two busy workshops in Sydney, so the advice he will share with session participants will come from many years of grass roots experience. Jeff will explain the modern approach to diagnostics.

This is followed by a guest panel of:
Jeff Smit – TaT trainer and workshop operator
Maurice Donovan – Allautos Advanced Tuning Brisbane Owner & Senior in TaT Tech Team
John Damianidis – BM Autowerks Melbourne, Owner & Technical Director

The panel will discuss the steps being taken by various organisations to help auto repairers survive and thrive. This is a must-attend seminar that will address specific workshop issues and provide instant answers via a unique format.

2.00pm – 2.45pm, Saturday 8 April
Jeff Smit, The Automotive Technician
John Damianidis, BM Autowerks
Maurice Donovan, Allautos Advanced Tuning
Colin Bockman, Facilitator

Jeff Smit – TaT trainer and workshop operator


John Damianidis – BM Autowerks Melbourne, Owner & Technical Director


Maurice Donovan – Allautos Advanced Tuning Brisbane Owner & Senior in TaT Tech Team


Colin Bockman, Facilitator


Finding and Keeping the Best Technicians

This is one of the most challenging aspects of running a profitable workshop and is essential if your business is to successfully keep pace with the rapidly evolving world of OEM technologies.

The reality is that a technician no longer lifts the bonnet to diagnose a vehicle fault – they first sit in the driver’s seat and read a scan tool.

This new era in vehicle technology is driving the need to attract, train and retain the best staff. There are many obstacles to success and no single answer, but some workshops owners have identified effective recruitment and retention strategies and are prepared to share their insights. Learn about government supported programs that do work if you select the right provider.

Hear from three workshop owners from three different locations and discover the successful formulas each have adopted in their businesses. Plus, the secret to finding the best apprentices will be revealed.

This will be an interview style seminar – ask questions of the panellists.

This seminar will reveal some tried and true strategies that can be implemented in your business tomorrow.

As one of the panel members said, ‘Employing and motivating staff is almost a trade in itself.’

The panel will include:

3.15pm – 4.00pm, Saturday 8 April
Ron Atkinson, Future Auto Service Centres
Craig Baills, Highfields Mechanical & Highfields Offroad
Michael Murphy, Rapid Tune Chadstone
Rob Walker, Apprenticeships Matter
Colin Bockman, Facilitator

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