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Pre Built Stand Information

Pre-Built Stand Inclusions - Australian Auto Aftermarket Expo


2.4m high, Black Velcro compatible front runner covered walls


Polished Aluminum fascia system. All open aisle frontages will have a printed company sign The clear height under the fascia is 2100mm

Company Sign

Digitally printed sign with Company Name in computer-cut vinyl, standard style lettering including stand number (max. 25 letters, Pty Ltd etc. will be deleted)
Names will be printed in UPPERCASE


2x energy efficient track spotlights per 9m2. Lights will be mounted onto the back of the fascia


1x single 4amp power point per stand, regardless of size


Plum carpet tiles laid in stands

Adhesives to use on walls:

Velcro, staples, pins or wall-mounted shelving and hooks. Shelving can be ordered via Harry the Hirer if required. Walls cannot be screwed or nailed into.

Adhesives NOT to be used on walls:

Screws, nails, bolts, glue, paint and double-sided adhesive tape will permanently damage the panels. Charges will apply to Exhibitors for all damaged panels.

Additional Items

Harry the Hirer is the official Stand Builder. If you require additional lighting, power or furniture, complete the relevant section/s in Harry the Hirer’s Online Exhibitor Kit prior to Monday 21 March 2022. Alternatively, you can contact Harry the Hirer on tel 03 9429 6666.

Floor Space Only Stands

All custom-built stands require approval prior to Move In. Stand plans and confirmation that the wall system erected is self-supporting must be submitted to the Organiser by Friday 18 February 2022

Please upload into the online portal or email all plans and documentation to

If you require assistance finding a suitable Contractor, please refer to the Service Providers Directory.

All Floor Space Only Stands are required to provide the Organiser,, with a plan of their space by Friday 18 February 2022

All plans and documentation should include:

  • The scale used (min. 1:50)
  • The exhibiting company’s name and stand number
  • The name and contact number of the responsible contractor
  • All stand dimensions including height
  • Stand orientation within the Exhibition Hall – with an indication of which sides are open onto aisles
  • Details of all walling, raised floors, demonstration areas, exhibits, graphics etc.
    • Written in English

Your stand will require lighting and may require power. Additional lighting helps to highlight special features within your stand area. All lighting must be 2.2 metres above the floor level and any variations must have prior approval of the Venue. High powered lights such as floods or spots must not be placed within 500mm of flammable material. All portable light fittings must have a Certificate of Suitability or a Certificate of Approval from Australian or New Zealand Electrical Safety Regulators. If unsure, please contact Harry the Hirer on tel 03 9429 8688

All electrical equipment entering the Venue must comply with the Work Health and Safety Act 2011 and Australian Standards. This Act affects all electrical equipment used in the workplace, including equipment brought into the Venue by contractors or third parties. The outward sign of compliance with the Act will be the electrical test tag compliant with AS/NZS 3760:2003. The Venue reserves the right to remove or replace any electrical equipment not complying with the Act. Power cords which are detachable such as IEC leads, extension leads, and power boards are separate items and need to be tested independently from the equipment they are supplied with.

The Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Convention Centre (MCEC) is not carpeted therefore you are responsible for providing your own flooring. All stands with raised floors require a bevelled edge. All raised floors, steps and ramps within exhibits must comply with the relevant sections of the Building Code of Australia. Any raised floor sections must be clearly distinguishable from areas of the surrounding floor space.

All raised floors with a height of less than 115mm are not regarded as a step, and these floors will require a suitable and clearly distinguishable ramp from the main exhibition floor level or surrounding platform to the raised section. The ramp must be of a gradient no less than 1 to 3 and be contained within the contracted space. Ramps may not protrude into the nominated aisle way, so must be included in the stand space. The only exception to this requirement is for ramping on 32mm raised flooring constructed from one (1) metre modular floor sections, where an allowance of up to 100mm intrusion into the aisle will be acceptable and the 1 to 3 gradient will be maintained.

All raised floors with a height greater than 115mm but less than 190mm from the main exhibition floor level or surrounding platform will be regarded as a step and generally will not require a ramp. However, an approved stair nosing must be installed as per requirements for steps in public places. The raised floor sections or ramps must not contain sharp or dangerous edges and must not cause a trip hazard. Disabled access to the stand must be provided.

  • All floor space only stands are required to provide a back wall, with the exception of island stands.
  • All walls must be built to a height of 2.4 metres.
  • If your walls and/or displays are to exceed 2.4 metres (the standard Pre-Built Stand wall height), consent must first be obtained in writing from the Organiser. Note: The maximum permitted height of any wall is 3 metres.
  • If the wall height exceeds 2.4 metres, the back of your wall adjacent to the adjoining PBS Exhibitor, must be appropriately dressed.
  • If your stand does not adjoin another PBS Exhibitor, all walls must be appropriately dressed.

Signs, banners and similar materials may not be nailed, stapled, hung or attached to the ceilings, walls, windows, sprinkler systems or any other surface of the Venue, except by permission of the Venue. Damage resulting from installation will be a direct charge to the Exhibitor.

Should your exhibit feature any of the following items, contact the Organiser on tel 03 9596 9205 for further information on the safety steps you may need to take or written approvals that you may need to gain:

  • A second storey
  • A solid ceiling/roof area more than 18sqm
  • A structure more than three (3) metres high
  • Naked flame (e.g. a candle)
  • Lighting lower than 2.2m above floor level

All portable light fittings used in the Venue are required to have Certificate of Approval or Suitability from an Australian or New Zealand Electrical Safety Regulator.


Refer to your Stand Agreement for your stand dimensions or contact the Organiser on tel 03 9596 9205 or by emailing 

Refer to your Stand Agreement for details of your stand type or contact the Organiser on tel 03 9596 9205 or by emailing 

Harry the Hirer is the official Stand Builder. If you require additional lighting, power or furniture, please contact Harry the Hirer on 03 9429 8688 or email

There is no onsite storage available for Exhibitors. Each Exhibitor is responsible for making their own arrangements for storage. Exhibitors may not leave boxes and packing material in their exhibition display area during the Show. Please book via the Agility event services portal or by contacting them on tel 03 9330 3303 or email charges apply

Badges will be available for collection from the Registration Desk during Move In from Tuesday 5 April 2022. To order your badges please go to your Online Exhibitor Portal

If you have not received login details to your portal please contact the team on 03 9596 9205 or 

If you require a forklift, please book via the Agility event services portal or by contacting them on tel 03 9330 3303 or email Charges apply.

To arrange a Café Account Card or stand catering for your stand please contact the Venue on tel 03 9235 8110 or email

All stands will be cleaned for the opening of the Show, free of charge. To arrange additional stand cleaning please contact IMK Cleaning Services at Charges apply.

A limited Wi‐Fi internet service is available free of charge at the Venue and can be accessed via the MCEC login page after agreeing to a set of terms and conditions. For an upgraded internet service please contact the MCEC Exhibitor Services team on tel 03 9235 8110 or email Fees apply. You must organise this service prior to Move In to avoid delays onsite.

All Exhibitors are encouraged to park in the Corner of Montague and Munro Streets Car Park, entry from Munro Street so that the parking available underneath the Venue can be utilised by Visitors attending the event. Pay and Display ticketing machines are available for issue of valid parking tickets. Correct change is required for these units.  Please note that the Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre and its car parks are ‘gazetted’ areas with City of Melbourne parking infringements applying. 

Alternatively, parking is available at the:

  1. Freeway Car Park – located at Munro Street under the Westgate Bridge, access via Munro or Normanby Roads
  2. Convention Centre Siddeley Street Car Park
  3. South Wharf Retail Car Park

Please refer to the MCEC website and/or Exhibitor Services Guide for further information. Alternatively, we can suggest Crown Casino car park as an option for parking onsite. Refer to the Crown Casino website for rate information.

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