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If you want to increase your understanding, and diagnosis capability of diesel emission control systems, or get ahead of the curve and solve the latest LIN bus alternator issues, this valuable course led by Diagnose Dan is for you. The three subjects are: AdBlue and SCR Troubleshooting, Euro 6 DPF Challenges, plus LIN Bus Alternator Challenges.

AdBlue / SCR Troubleshooting
This system has become one of the top time consumers in Europe, particularly in countries where diesel cars are prevalent. We’ve selected the most challenging topics that technicians often grapple with. The components involved are costly, and the reset procedure can be extensive and complex. This seminar is essential for anyone working with diesel engines that utilise AdBlue, especially in regions where diesel vehicles are a significant part of the automotive landscape.

DPF Challenges In Euro 6 Engines
Have you ever struggled with DPF systems in Euro 5 engines? Then, you really have something coming with the Euro 6 engines. The combination of PM-sensor, Differential sensor, Exhaust pressure sensors, AdBlue/SCR, low-pressure EGR, and high-pressure EGR can be challenging. What can go wrong? We narrow it down to the key focus points you need to know and the landmines you want to avoid.

LIN Bus Alternator Challenges In 2023
Did you know that in a new 2020 Audi E-tron model, there are almost more units connected to the LIN bus than the CAN bus? Or have you perhaps tried replacing an alternator several times before you finally found one that worked, despite having a supposedly good LIN-signal? This is the subject most technicians think they understand until they attend this seminar.

SPEAKER: danny versluis

Danny Versluis, aka ‘Diagnose Dan’ is a world-renowned vehicle diagnostic expert, trainer, and YouTuber. Based in the Netherlands, Diagnose Dan’s thirst for knowledge has led him from automotive technician to owner of the Diagnose Dan Technical Support Base software, one of Europe’s largest technical help desks. Dan also imparts diagnostic wisdom via his renowned YouTube channel with over 200,000 subscribers.

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