ev diagnostic challenges, thermal management mastery & network troubleshooting

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This three subject course with Diagnose Dan will help you master a broad range of important current and emerging real world diagnostic issues. The sessions include advanced vehicle network diagnosis, understanding EV and Hybrid diagnostic challenges as well as a fascinating discovery session on the mechanics of EV heat pumps.

Vehicle Networking Challenges
Assuming you’re well-versed with the basics of CANbus, CANbus FD, FLEXray, MOST-bus, and SENT signals, consider the next level of challenges: What happens when wires get corroded, or software starts causing issues? Our seminar delves deep into these real-world scenarios, equipping you with advanced diagnostic techniques and solutions. Discover how to tackle the unforeseen ‘gremlins’ that can bring complex vehicle networks to a standstill.

Diagnostic Challenges on EVs and Hybrids
Many technicians don’t like big changes like this, while others embrace the challenge. Norway and other Northern European countries, which happen to be our main markets at DDTSB, have a lot of EVs running on their roads. We have collected all the frequently asked questions from our hotline and created this seminar about the good stuff on EVs. Range and battery diagnosis will be the main subjects, and hopefully, you will view the diagnostic side of EVs more positively after this seminar.

Climate Control in EVs With Heat Pumps
Heat pumps, known for their exceptional efficiency, are now a standard feature in many new EVs, integrated into the car’s thermal management system. This versatile system manages both cabin heating and cooling, significantly influencing the vehicle’s range, charging time, and battery lifespan. Its operation is a practical application of heat transfer principles, providing insights into advanced automotive climate control. Discovering the mechanics of EV heat pumps will truly open your eyes to the complexities and efficiencies of heat transfer.

SPEAKER: danny versluis

Danny Versluis, aka ‘Diagnose Dan’ is a world-renowned vehicle diagnostic expert, trainer, and YouTuber. Based in the Netherlands, Diagnose Dan’s thirst for knowledge has led him from automotive technician to owner of the Diagnose Dan Technical Support Base software, one of Europe’s largest technical help desks. Dan also imparts diagnostic wisdom via his renowned YouTube channel with over 200,000 subscribers.

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